Plants of vigor Enhance the femininity.

This is the concept for LIRETY
and make you smile ONLY wearing aroma.

Relaxing time which is presented by the Botanical.

LIRETY is made from selected natural plant ingredients,
which has profound effect for your skin.

Keep healthy skin and mental with full of Blessings of nature.

Preference for “making LIRETY”

  • Using plant ingredients mainly. Get the measure of plants.
  • For your safety; Paraben free, Mineral oil free, Non silicon.
  • The base of aroma is made from flowers and fruits.

Enrich your heart with mild aroma.

The aroma connect with our emotions and instinct.

All the more reason, scene with aroma color our life.

LIRETY Fragrance pay a lot of attention to strong-smell and also be pleasing aroma.

To your skin and mental health, wrapped in essence from plant and mild aroma.


LIRETY quoted in major magazines and SNS.
Now, they are sell for 1,400 stores in Japan and 800 stores in abroad.
LIRETY has loved throughout Asia and the world.

Virtue Corporation